The Lodge

Eagle Rock Lodge

Halala Africa

We Welcome You!

Surrounded by the rolling hills of the Khomas Highland, the Eagle Rock Lodge – Halala Africa offers stunning views of the seemingly endless horizons of the Namibian Savannah and its renowned African sunsets. Shy Kudu-antelopes observe us while they graze in the shadow of the acacia trees, and the majestic martial eagle, our symbol, circles high above us.

With us you already on your first day or the last time before leaving Africa sniff air and exchange them for the City of Windhoek air. We take pleasure to serve you.

Our cozy and intimate lodge have very friendly and pleasant staff attending to and catering for the wellbeing, needs and wants of each and every guest.

Eagle Rock Lodge – Halala Africa offers accommodation in spacious two-bed bungalows and double bed as well as twin-bedded rooms for up to 16 guests. We also offer a double bed apartment with two separate bedrooms, perfect as a family room. All rooms and bungalows have en-suite facilities.

Our guests have access to wireless internet from any spot on the lodge.

A crystal-clear pool offers pleasant refreshment during the heat of the summer; whereas a library with a wide selection of books and an open chimney invite to relax inside during the long and chilly evenings of the winter.

From 7:00 in the morning we would like to serve you an “Early Morning Tea“or an “Early Morning Coffee“. For that we put a small table in front of your door. You can enjoy your coffee or tea at any spot you prefer, in your room or in the fresh air. The drinks are in thermos flasks so that there is no need to get out of bed already at 7:00. Coffee or tea will gladly wait for you.

Our buffet breakfast is prepared fresh every day. From our own farm kitchen we offer: jams, sweet cream cheese, herb cream cheese, juices, bread, eggs, milk and butter.

During preparation of dinner we make use of our own farm products – as far as possible. Not all the products come from our own farm. Especially meat and some kinds of vegetables we buy directly from neighbouring farmers. By doing so we are able to guarantee first class quality and above that we can always get hold of fresh produce.

Naturalists and birders opportunities for fish eagles, hamperkop, yellow hornbill and literally hundreds of species frequently seen: Mountain Zebra, Kudu, Springbok, Hartebees, Klipspringer, Oryx, Meerkat and many smaller species roam freely within one of the biggest open protected conservancies.

In years gone by I had so many guests positively commenting and complimenting me with wonderfully positive feedback. One guest once shared something though which until today stands out in my miemory and mind as maybe the best compliment anyone could ever give me: “You gave this piece of land a soul again.” This, as well as all the positive feedback over the years empowered me, paved the way forward and confirmed the fact that I had to continue with what I was doing. It literally kept me on track, showed me the way and I could do nothing else but to follow.