Dear Bird Lover Friends,

our lodge offers quite a variety of bird species, most of which are known to us, but ever so often our guests observe a new species unknown to us.

We at Eagle Rock Lodge – Halala Africa adore nature and its inhabitants. Our knowledge of new species of birds is however limited. For that reason we took to heart the suggestions of most of our more educated and experienced bird watching guests and erected a bird watching hide, which now not only offers our guests a focal point for watching birds but also for observing animals like Porcupines, Mongooses, Meerkats, Aardwolves and Bat-eared Foxes, to name but a few.

The hide is conveniently lit up via a solar floodlight for our guests who might prefer an adventurous excursion at night.

The pride and joy of our establishment however remain our small little feathered friends namely the Pearl Spotted Owl, as well as the African Dwarf Owl, who honored us by making our lodge their home.

Many more owl species also frequent the Acasia- and Camelthorn trees in our garden, but the aforementioned little cuties visit us almost every night. During winter, if you really watch very carefully, you will see them during the day in the surrounding trees, taking a well deserve nap after a tough night´s hunting.

For our guests´, convenience, we compiled a list of birds species observed here before. We very respectfully request that you inform us should you observe a new species not recorded here yet, so we can record it and update our list.

Variety of Bird Species