All Activities for 2 pax or more


You can put an emphasis on one or more of the following points: - Photography and/or - Cave-Paintings and/or - Hike


Long Nature-Drive (4 hours) 1-3 person: N$ 500 per person from 4 person: N$ 400 per person

Halala Africa

We start at Eagle Rock at 3.30 pm for a nice Game and Nature Drive on the private farm “Arbeidsgenot” where an amazing variation of very rare, special and highly unusual wild animals roam the plains, valleys and hills, like Golden Gnu, White-, Black- and Copper Springbok, Waterbuck, Red Hartebeest, White Oryx, White- and normal colored Blesbok, Kudu, normal Gnu and Giraffe. We will conclude the Game/Nature Drive with a very relaxing and entertaining “Out of Africa” function (let us surprise you) in the bush amidst the African wildlife on offer in the uniqueness of the one and only pristine Khomas Hochland.


N$ 800 per pax including food and drinks

Breakfast Trip to Boshua Pass

This Nature Drive in a westerly direction towards the Bosua Pass on the brink of the eastern border of the oldest desert in the world, our very own and beloved Namib Desert, will combine an Early Morning Drive with a scrumptious and finger licking delicious breakfast at a venue with an absolutely breathtaking, mind boggling and dazzling view towards the western stretches of the Khomas Hochland from the dizzying heights of the Bosua Pass which very few people had the privilege to experience in all its glory. This short tour will commence at 7 am with a two and a half hour drive through the beautiful landscape of the Khomas Hochland to the Bosua Pass and we should be able to view numerous species of wildlife in their natural habitat. This Excursion should keep us entertained and on the move until at least 2:00 pm when we should arrive back at Eagle Rock Lodge.


N$ 1000 per pax including food and drinks

Friedenau Dam, Ghost House, Francois Feste Ruins

This excursion will take us along the C28 road where we will visit all of the above 3 locations, commencing at 4 pm and ending with a blissful Sundowner on a secluded, breathtaking and strategic spot in the mountains.


N$ 350 per pax including food and drinks

Night Drive

Adventurous as we are by nature, we chance our luck with a Night Drive along the prominent routes on offer around the immediate area surrounding Eagle Rock Lodge, where a good variation of nocturnal animals come out at night to do what nature intended for them to do and where we can admire them in all their majestic beauty. This excursion will commence at 8 pm and will end at around 11 pm.


N$300 per pax including drinks

Halala Africa Sundowner Drive Khomas Kop


N$ 200 per pax including drinks

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